O2k-Titration Set

Product ID:  20820-03

The O2k-Titration Set is included in the O2k-FluoRespirometer and Startup O2k-Respirometer, and is available to purchase separately if needed.



The O2k-Titration Set consists of:

6 Microsyringe\10 mm3 51/0.13 mm 10 mm3
6 Microsyringe\25 mm3 51/0.15 mm 25 mm3
1 Microsyringe\50 mm3 51/0.15 mm 50 mm3
1 Microsyringe\100 mm3 51/0.41 mm 100 mm3
1 Syringe\500 mm3 51/0.41 mm 500 mm3
3 Plunger\10 mm3 for 10 mm3 syringe
1 package of two Syringe Racks including 20 Syringe Collars
1 package of two Tube Racks including 8 tubes 50 ml
1 Syringe Storage Box including Syringe Labels

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O2k-Titration Set