DatLab 8

O2k-Software for Data Acquisition & Analysis, specifically developed for high-resolution respirometry

Download/Update DatLab 8.0 for integrated PC in O2k and NextGen-O2k (Linux)

Download/Update DatLab 8.0 for external PC (Windows)



NextGen-O2k and O2k-Series J* and higher come with DatLab 8 installed on the integrated PC (Linux). DatLab 8 is required for the NextGen-O2k and is compatible with O2k-Series (H and higher).

The DatLab software is designed for 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems and does not run on MAC devices.

The minimum computer requirements are Intel® Core™ 2 or equivalent CPU, 2GB RAM and Windows XP (64-bit version). However, we recommend Intel® Core™ i5 or equivalent CPU, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 (64-bit version) and SSD. For the proper display of DatLab on your computer, please make sure the “Language settings” are set to English.

*Optionally available without integrated PC.

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