NextGen-O2k Fluo

The complete experimental system for high-resolution respirometry (HRR), including fluorometry, allowing simultaneous monitoring of oxygen consumption together with either H2O2 production (AmR), mt-membrane potential (TMRM, Safranin and Rhodamine 123), Ca2+ (CaG) or ATP production (MgG).

Product ID: 10103-03

The NextGen-O2k Fluo enables the following O2k-Applications:

  • oxygen consumption
  • H2O2 production
  • ATP production
  • Ca2+
  • mitochondrial membrane potential

The NextGen-O2k Fluo also supports all add-on O2k-Modules: O2k-Q-Module, O2k-NADH-Module, O2k-PB-Module, O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module, O2k-pH ISE-Module, O2k-NO Amp-Module, enabling measurement of mt-membrane potential with ion sensitive electrodes (ISE for TPP+ or TPMP+ ) or pH.

This package is available as a Power Package to increase throughput. Certain auxiliary tools and services are not included in Power Packages, more details:

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For NextGen-O2k XA and higher, please use DatLab 8 to ensure proper operation and data acquisition for all O2k-Modules.


Award-winning innovation

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Respiration chambers with minimum oxygen diffusion
• High-resolution of oxygen flux: ±1 pmol O₂ ∙s⁻¹∙mL⁻¹ in normoxia to anoxia
• High-resolution of oxygen concentration: 5 nM
• Long-term stability and linearity of the polarographic oxygen sensor (OroboPOS)
• Barometric pressure transducer for accurate air calibration at any altitude

SUIT protocols

Standardized substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor-titration DL-Protocols
• Real-time monitoring of respiratory rates and states
• Multiple titrations within a single assay for in-depth analysis of mitochondrial fitness


Additional parameters recorded real-time in combination with oxygen in the same chamber
• Automatic and documented calibration routines, instrumental background tests, and mitochondrial assays supported by DL-Protocols


4 to 47 °C; stability ±0.002 °C


Peltier temperature control


Material: Duran glass
Volume: 2 mL or 0.5 mL

Specialized DatLab Software

Installed on integrated computer for protocol design, control and data analysis

Max. power input

330 W

Current at 100-120 V

max. 3.0 A

Current at 220-240 V

max. 1.5 A

Power consumption

During standard operation with screen (when block temperature is stable at 37 °C and ambient temperature of 22 °C) approx. 45-50 W

Lab space required

The O2k requires a minimum of lab space (0.5 m bench space), with sufficient space for the ISS, Titration Set and handling.
For maximum signal stability and optimal temperature control, the O2k should be placed in a position in which it is not exposed to direct sunlight and sudden changes of room temperature. Keep the space on the table below the O2k bottom clear to prevent any interference of ventilation beneath the O2k-Main Unit.


NextGen-O2k: Hardware and DatLab Software*

Stainless steel housing
Peltier thermostat 4 to 47 °C; ±0.002 °C
Barometric pressure transducer
2 Amperometric oxygen channels
2 ISE sockets for ion sensitive electrodes
2 Sockets for optical signals or NO
2 Sockets for Q-and NAD(P)H-Modules
2 Sockets for PB-Module
2 O2k-Chambers (2.0 mL, Duran® glass)
2 SmartPOS
2 stirrers (white PVDF) , electromagnetic control
2 stoppers (black PEEK) with O-ring
2 O2k-Chamber Holders (blue POM) with O-ring and V-ring
2 POS-Holders (blue POM)

Current DatLab version with free follow-up upgrades within the warranty period

NextGen-O2k: Accessories and Consumables                                                                                                  

1 ISS-Integrated Suction System, to remove medium from the O2k-Chamber
1 Oxia – the O2 regime controller for HyperOxia and HypOxia
1 O2k-Titration Set: Hamilton microsyringes; fixed needles with rounded tips (8 x 10 mm3 and 3 spare plungers, 6 x 25 mm3, 2 x 50 mm3, 1 x 100 mm3, 1 x 500 mm3), packed in syringe storage box with syringe labels, 2 x syringe racks with syringe collars, 2 x tube racks
1 MiR05-Kit: Mitochondrial Respiration Medium. For a final volume of 250 mL
1 Pkg. POS-Seal Tip
2 Pkg. POS-Membranes
1 POS-Electrolyte Powder
1 POS-Mounting Tool
1 Polishing Cloth
1 Polishing Powder 0.3 μm
1 O2-Zero Powder
1 Forceps for membrane application
1 Pipette Plastic ungraded
1 Pkg. Conditioning cloths for stainless-steel housing

O2k-Fluo Smart-Module: an amperometric add-on module for measurement of hydrogen peroxide production, ATP production, mt-membrane potential, Ca2+

2 Smart Fluo-Sensors, green LED emission, photodiode and filters, excitation LED 525 nm, pre-calibrated intensity
2 Smart Fluo-Sensors, blue LED emission, photodiode and filters, excitation LED 465 nm, pre-calibrated intensity
3 Filter Sets (Mg green/Ca Green, Amplex® UltraRed, Safranin) consisting of LED filters and photodiode filters

Ok2-TIP2k-Module: add-on for two-channel operation with the O2k with automatic control by DatLab of programmable titration regimes and feedback control

4 Micro-injection syringes, 200 mm3, 180 mm needle length, 0.12 mm inner Ø; fixed needles with rounded tip
1 Pkg. Needle Spacers, silicone stops (200/Pkg.) with mounting tool
1 TIP2k-Needle Safety Support with cable guide
1 Pkg. TIP2k-Filter Papers (10/Pkg.)

O2k-sV-Module: small chamber volume to reduce the sample amount needed for OXPHOS analysis and cellular/mitochondrial respiratory function

2 O2k-Chambers-sV (Duran® glass), with smaller operation volume (V) of 0.5 mL
2 stirrers sV (white PVDF) for small volume chambers, electromagnetic control
2 stoppers sV (black PEEK) for small volume chambers with O-ring
2 O2k-Chamber Holders sV (black POM) with O-ring and V-ring
2 POS-Holders sV (black POM)

Included extras                                                                                           

Packing, handling, worldwide shipping
Remote support from Oroboros experts
1 Installation and startup support session (remote, to be used within the warranty period)
1 O2k-Workshop registration fee for the participation of one lab member waived (to be used within the warranty period)
3-year warranty
* Integrated computer with touch screen (15,6″; FHD 1920×1080) connects DatLab to the NextGen-O2k
* Keyboard set, webcam and webcam accessories


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