Product ID: 26010-01

The SmartPOS is a polarographic oxygen sensor (POS), with an amperometric mode of operation. It meets the highest quality criteria in terms of linearity, stability and sensitivity of the signal. The Clark type polarographic oxygen sensor remains the gold standard for measuring dissolved oxygen in biomedical, environmental and industrial applications over a wide dynamic oxygen range. The SmartPOS combines the previously separate components OroboPOS and OroboPOS-Connector thus avoiding contamination of the electrical connections and moisture entering them. The serial number is automatically recognized by DatLab 8 software.

Similar to the OroboPOS, the SmartPOS consists of a gold cathode, a silver/silver chloride anode and a KCl electrolyte reservoir separated from the sample by a 25 µm membrane (FEP). With application of a polarization voltage (0.8 V), a current is obtained as an amperometric signal.

Only compatible with NextGen-O2k-Series XB/O2k-Series J and higher.

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