For measuring the Q-redox state and cyclic voltammetry.

Product ID: 12600-01

The Q-Module enables the monitoring of the Q-redox state of the Q-junction using the specific Q-Stoppers with the integrated three-electrode system.

The Q-Module is only compatible with the NextGen-O2k main unit.

See which O2k-Packages include it as a standard component here.


2 Reference electrodes, 2.4mm Ø glass shaft
Q-Stoppers\beige PEEK\conical shaft\side+2.6 mm+1.3 mm central port: with glassy carbon and platinum electrode embedded
10  Replacement barrels for reference electrodes
1 Electrolyte\Reference-Electrode
1 ISE-Filling Syringe with needle
1 Stopper-Needle
2 Polishing Powder 0.3 μm
2 Polishing Powder 0.05 µm/a>
Polishing Cloth
3 Pkgs Q-Filter Papers (10/Pkg)
2 Boxes O-ring\Viton®\12.5×1 mm, 8/box

Included extras

Packing, handling, worldwide shipping
Remote support from Oroboros experts
3-year warranty

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