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Customer feedback

“Our Oroboros is first edition and we are very fond of it. It has worked beautifully all these years and we would like it to stay that way.”
Maria Stoll
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, USA
“And now we are so excited to begin using this module [O2k-Fluo Smart-Module] in my lab! I would like to thank you and the rest of the team at Oroboros once again for your excellent service and getting this module for the O2k sent with such a fast turnaround. I appreciate it so much. "
Nathan N Alder
University of Connecticut, USA
“Thanks for putting on a great meeting and workshop. I was grateful to see everyone in person again and benefit from the years of shared experiences. Open dialogue between investigators and trainees is the best way to move our fields forward.”
- in reference to Bioblast 2022 and NextGen-O2k all-in-one demo workshop.
Brian Irving
Louisiana State University, USA
The video support describing the technical aspects of operating and servicing the O2Ks are a fantastic resource for users. I have also used the troubleshooting flowchart to diagnose and self-service routine issues. The active user forums and O2k-Network serve as a rich source of protocols, shared knowledge, and information on all topics related to bioenergetics and mitochondria.
Timothy R Koves
Duke University Medical Center, USA
“The teachers handling the Virtual On-site Visit were really good. Tips regarding reagents and know-how on situations one can face while carrying out mitochondrial experiments were really useful”
Ignacio Heras Murillo
Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIS), Spain
Our O2ks Rosie and Rupert returned to service today. The best kind of equipment is the reliable, robust, low maintenance kind.
Terri Pietka
Washington University St. Louis, USA
It has been a pleasure to work with your Oxygraph-devices during the last 13 years. Extremely robust machines.
Ib Therkelsen Arent
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
I would like to thank you for your fast reply and your clear explanations. We followed your advices; improving the way we were collecting the fibers and oxygenating the medium definitely solved our problems! Thank you for your excellent support!!
Olivia Zanoletti
Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
NextGen-O2k logo

Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

The NextGen-O2k is a MultiSensor all-in-one instrument for in-depth bioenergetic studies of mitochondria and chloroplasts.  Funded since June 2019, this H2020 SME project prepared the NextGen-O2k for market launch.  

As part of  this  project, we created this website as the Oroboros “marketplace”, a user-friendly presentation of our products, services and purchasing interface – easy to navigate with links and contact forms. The extensive knowledge base for high-resolution respirometry and mitochondrial research continues to live on the Bioblast site, the website of the Oroboros Ecosystem.

For further details on the NextGen-O2k, head over to the project page.

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