Microbalance particularly for wet weight determination of permeabilized fibers.

Due to Dualuse trade controls, this product may not be supplied to certain destination countries. Please contact us for more information.

Product ID: 13300-02

Microbalance (max. capacity 120g, 0.01 mg readability) particularly for wet weight determination of permeabilized fibers

The smart grid concept minimizes the area exposed to draft and thus greatly improves stabilization. To take full advantage of this feature avoid unnecessary large weighing boats or weighing dishes. The microbalance (smart grid, draft shield, and drip tray) can be disassembled and re-assembled quickly for cleaning. Weighing parameters can be adjusted to different laboratory environments. This is particularly helpful in field studies during expeditions. Internal calibration is fully software controlled.

To discover the many features of the balance consult the supplied manual.

A Microbalance-Transport Case is available upon request but not suitable for shipping.

Additional information

Maximum Capacity

120 g


0.01 mg

Repeatability, typical

0.008 mg

Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)

16 mg

Settling Time

3 s


Internal (automatic/FACT)

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Microbalance 120 g

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