O2k-Applications overview


Oroboros delivers the O2k-technology for high-resolution respirometry in mitochondria and cell research. The O2k allows the measurement of respiration at controlled oxygen levels, combined with redox biology (NADH and CoQ), ROS production, mitochondrial membrane potential, ATP production, Ca2+, or pH. HRR expands to HRPB: High-Resolution PhotoBiology.


With the Oroboros O2k, small amounts of biological samples can be used for bioenergetic and OXPHOS analysis, ranging from isolated mitochondria, permeabilized tissues and permeabilized cells to living cells and tissues slices.

Experimental data are displayed not only as oxygen concentration over time but also as real-time transformation of these data, allowing the experimenter to follow respiration (oxygen consumption, oxygen flux) of biological and biochemical samples while the experiment is still running.

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