Cell-permeable compound – 1 vial of plasma membrane-permeable succinate-nv (Snv; NV118; 25 mg) and 1 vial of plasma membrane-permeable malonate-nv (Mnanv; NV161; 10 mg).

Product ID: 60200-01

The MitoKit-CII consists of the first generation of Abliva’s cell permeable succinate and malonate prodrugs. The MitoKit-CII was developed to stimulate (succinate-nv) or inhibit (malonate-nv) the Complex II of the respiratory electron transfer system in living cells, and will expand the toolbox for evaluating the role of mitochondria in disease.The MitoKit-CII is composed of the following compounds:

  • Cell-permeable compound MitoKit-CII/Succinate-nv, Snv
Description: Succinate prodrug: C10H14O8, Molecular weight 262.2 g.mol-1
Aliquots of 25 mg
  • Cell-permeable compound MitoKit-CII/Malonate-nv, Mnanv
Description: Malonate prodrug: C9H12O8, Molecular weight 248.2 g.mol-1
Aliquots of 10 mg

Additional information

Expiry information per Abliva

Before preparation storage at -80 °C

Prepared in DMSO solution
4 months at -20 °C for MitoKit-CII/Succinate-nv
6 months at -20 °C for MitoKit-CII/Malonate-nv
1 week at room temperature for both

MitoKit-CII/Succinate-nv: 1592635-33-0
MitoKit-CII/Malonate-nv: 1432752-62-9


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