O2k-Virtual support

Access to online materials for self-paced learning paired with personalized virtual coaching sessions with an expert from the Oroboros team via a live video link.

O2k-Vitual support is 8-hours of online support that provides additional instruction beyond the Installation and startup support session. Topics can include an overview of the O2k, including analysis using DatLab and applications of the Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k). It offers flexibility to participants and gives the option to choose virtual coaching sessions that best fit individual needs.

Advantages of O2k-Virtual support:

  1. Personalized individual virtual coaching sessions tailored to your needs
  2. Support on instrumental setup using your own O2k in your own lab
  3. Assistance with an application experiment using your own experimental model
  4. Higher flexibility of the timing of virtual coaching sessions to fit your preferences
  5. Possibility to space virtual coaching sessions to allow self-directed instrumental quality control tests and application experiments in between, thus providing the opportunity for questions about analysis and feedback on performance
  6. Online material (e.g. manuals and videos) available to watch when convenient and re-visit as needed
  7. Tutorials and topics suitable for beginners and advanced users




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O2k-Virtual Support

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