Titration-Injection microPump – programable and automated titrations for complex protocols

Product ID: 11100-03

Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k) for two-channel operation with the Oroboros O2k (all series) with automatic control by DatLab of programmable titration regimes and feedback control (oxystat, pH-stat).

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Programmable, automatic titration regimes, with titration volumes of 0.05 to 250 µl, variable titration intervals and duration of titration pulses

Steady-state injection

Operation at quasi steady-states by continuous injection of substrates at limiting rates of consumption, providing new flexibility in experimental design by combining the technical advantages of closed and open systems

Programmable injection flows

0.01 to 25 µl*s-1

Ramp injection

Ramp increase of effector concentrations by "continuous titration"

DatLab software

Feedback control by the the TIP2k for steady-state respirometry at selected oxygen levels and pH-stat applications

Lab space required

The TIP2k is placed at the top of the Oroboros O2k and does not need any extra bench space.

-Align the front legs of the TIP2k with the TIP2k-Spacer Bar on the front of the O2k if you use 200 µl syringes
-Align the rear ends of the TIP2k and O2k, if you use 500 µl syringes


The TIP2k-Module includes TIP2k-Accessories:

4 Micro-injection syringes, 200 mm3, 180 mm needle length, 0.12 mm inner Ø; fixed needles with rounded tip
1 Pkg. Needle Spacers, silicone stops (200/Pkg.) with mounting tool
1 TIP2k-Needle Safety Support with cable guide, including 2 Falcon tubes (15 mL)
1 Pkg. TIP2k-Filter Papers (10/Pkg.)

Included extras

Packing, handling, worldwide shipping
Remote support from Oroboros experts
3-year warranty

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