The O2 regime controller for HyperOxia to HypOxia in the O2k.

Product ID: 20830-01

The Oxia generates gaseous oxygen (O2)  and hydrogen (H2) by electrolysis of water using a proton exchange membrane (PEM). The produced O2 or H2 gas can be used to increase or decrease the O2 concentration in the O2k-chamber.

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Award-winning innovation -CLUSTER AWARD 2022 Life Sciences Standortagentur Tirol

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1 Oxia-Base
1 Oxia-Cell
1 Power supply with cable 2.5 m and interchangeable AC Heads for Euro, USA and AUS
2 10 mL Gas-Injection Syringes
2 needles for gas injection
1 cloth cover for Oxia-Cell

The Oxia-Cell contains the polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM), the water tank and two separate gas tanks for oxygen and hydrogen, respectively and is connected to the Oxia-Base which holds the main switch and the power connection. Integrated sensors stop gas production upon filling of the gas tank. The Oxia-Cell can be simply removed for emptying and drying.

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