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Dr. Erich Gnaiger, Founder, CEO
Dr. Erich Gnaiger

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Erich Gnaiger, Oroboros Instruments boasts years of experience in mitochondrial physiology, making us, the team, the experts in mitochondria and cell research. Labs, research centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are benefiting from our gold standard Oroboros O2k technology for high-resolution respirometry (HRR). The O2k-Network includes reference laboratories worldwide.

Our international team of experts has the skills, knowledge, and creativity to bring innovation and excellence to high-resolution respirometry. By actively participating in research along with hosting international researchers in the specialized Oroboros Laboratories, our scientists understand what is required for excellence in research. They develop tested and trusted O2k instruments and protocols that enable researchers and clinicians to study mitochondrial function in cancer, diabetes, aging, neurodegeneration, exercise physiology and mitochondrial medicine.

Oroboros in numbers

>30 years of experience
>1440 instruments in 50 countries
>1000 users in public and private research facilities
>160 international workshops on HRR
>4680 publications on O2k applications
>760 experienced laboratories building an O2k-Network

Image depiciting the interconnectivity of the Oroboros Ecosystem
The Oroboros Ecosystem

Our Mission – Our mission is a commitment to reproducibility through precise quality control, standardization of protocols and nomenclature, and collaboration of scientists in the O2k-Network.

Our Vision – We are the driving force in mitochondrial physiology by equipping biomedical labs worldwide with our instruments and knowledge to support key developments in mitochondrial research and medicine.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Our CSR culture includes respect and support for the community as well as concern for the environment.

Our Business Ethics – At Oroboros Instruments, we make decisions in close collaboration with our customers and partners. We aim to satisfy all requests to the fullest and treat everyone equally with respect and politeness. As we follow the EU principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement, we minimize animal testing for scientific purposes. 

Because we see ethical behavior as context bound, we do not provide a universal formula but instead empower our team to reflect critically on their actions. Additionally, we are guided by transparency, honesty and trust, sustainability, respect, and commitment to excellence. We conduct our business in full compliance with Austrian laws and regulations and the laws and regulations of the countries where we export our products and provide our services.

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Cluster Award 2022

For our innovation “Oxia”, we – in collaboration with our mechatronics partner WGT-Elektronik – received the Cluster Award 2022 in the category Life Science. Funded by the Standortagentur Tirol, the prize is granted for high-level innovations combined with outstanding economic and regional impact.

Tyrolean Innovation Award 2021 Nominee

Honoring companies that have proven themselves on the market with an extraordinary idea, we are pleased to have been one of the top three Tyrolean Innovation Award nominees for the O2k-PB-Module of the NextGen-O2k.

Houska Award 2012

For their project, Light in the Powerhouse of the Cells, Erich Gnaiger and the Oroboros team in collaboration with Philipp Gradl (WGT-Elektronik) received the Houska Award 2012, the largest endowed research award in Austria.

Cluster Award 2019

Awarded for the best Tyrolean innovations of the year, we are proud to be the 2019 Cluster Award recipient in the Life Sciences Cluster for our EU Horizon 2020-funded NextGen-O2k project.

Cluster Award 2010

The innovative collaboration between the Medical University of Innsbruck, Oroboros Instruments and WGT-Elektronik was recognized by granting the Cluster Life Sciences Award 2010 for the O2k.

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