The modular O2k-concept is supported by DatLab with high flexibility for extension by add-on O2k-Modules.

The NextGen-O2k is designed to provide full research flexibility by offering compatibility with all O2k-Modules, including the O2k-Q- and NADH-Modules.


The O2k prioritizes the standard/core O2k-Modules of the Oroboros technology. The O2k-Q-Module, NADH-, and NO-Module are not supported/compatible.

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The annual running costs for the O2k are very low, as experienced worldwide by more than 1000 O2k-users. Our high-quality and durable instruments along with reusable chambers mean big savings for our customers.
  • O2k-hardware lifespans of up to over 10 years and less than 10 % of all instruments sold worldwide requiring repair at our workshop
  • O2k-electronics designed to be energy efficient
  • Annual costs of less than € 1000 for O2k-spares (e.g. spare glass chamber, stoppers)
  • Cost effective O2k-consumables
  • Run experiments with low amounts of samples – further conserve with the smaller volume chambers (0.5 mL) of  the O2k-sV-Module
  • No special cleaning detergents needed. Wash parts with deionized or distilled water and ethanol


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