Mitochondrial Respiration Medium – MiR05-Kit, 1 vial; for a final volume of 250 mL

Product ID: 60101-01

The mitochondrial respiration medium MiR05-Kit was developed for providing the highest quality for high-resolution respirometry.

Note: The import of chemicals (in powder form) to Egypt is subject to a laboratory test by the Egyptian customs authorities. Oroboros does not bear the risk that this product may be contaminated by such mandatory controls.

Additional information


Store in the form of dry powder, at room temperature in a dry environment, if possible in a desiccator with silica gel.


For use in R&D only. Not intended for direct use on humans or animals.

Expiry Information

Based on quality control for shelf storage of the first batch of the MiR05-Kit (Lot #0915) in the original unopened vials at room temperature, we recommend to store the MiR05 solution at -20 °C for no longer than 6 months.



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