O2k On-site Training

A multi-day training visit to your site from an Oroboros O2k-Expert.

O2k On-site Training. In most cases, the O2k-Manual provides sufficient detail for setting up the O2k and starting measurements, particularly in conjunction with participation in a Remote installation and startup support session (included in all O2k-Packages) . Upon special request and subject to an additional fee, however, a start-up visit by a scientific application specialist supports a highly efficient start to a project.

Purchase terms:

  • This training must be purchased in conjunction with an O2k.
  • Any chemicals required for demo experiments etc. will need to be made available by the customer/end user.
  • Date of training to be mutually agreed upon
  • Detailed training program is to be mutually agreed upon
  • Maximum number of participants: 5
  • Minimum duration: 2 days

Training content

Oroboros will provide hands-on sessions to the participants, who will be using the O2k available at their research laboratory/institution. These sessions will range from instrumental setup and service of the polarographic oxygen sensor (POS) for instrumental quality control system, which is an essential component of HRR, to TIP2k, and respirometry experiments with customized specific substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor (SUIT) protocols. The customer will prepare the biological sample used during the O2k training according to his preference. Oroboros will present the Oroboros SUITbrowser, designed to find the best SUIT protocol for your specific research questions. Many optimized SUIT protocols are available as DL-Protocols and will be shown during the training. Finally, if using an O2k-Package with O2k-Modules included, its O2k-MultiSensor applications, particularly fluorescence measurements, will be introduced.

The Blue Book (5th edition) and Mitochondrial physiology paper provide a basic introduction to mitochondrial physiology, complementing the training course, and therefore, it is recommended to read them beforehand.

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