Meet the Oroboros Team

Dedicated to quality and passionate about science, our international team is here to help. Our corporate language is English, however we also can provide scientific support in the following languages:

  • English (all) and German (with an Austrian touch)
  • In alphabetical order: Catalan, Croatian, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish
  • The national languages are spoken by our distributors in China, Japan, Republic of Korea and Taiwan

Oroboros Leadership Group

Erich Gnaiger, PhD
Founder, CEO, Innovation Alchemist
Andrea Gnaiger, Mag.
CFO, Finance Samurai
Verena Laner, Mag.biol.
Chief Operating Officer, Project Guru

Oroboros Communication Ninjas

Lisa Tindle-Solomon, MSc
Customer Relations Mastermind
Yvette Colomer, Mag.
Marketing Trobairitz
Marija Beno
Project Whisperer
Paolo Cocco
Marketing Communication Thaumaturge
Carolina Gnaiger, BBA
Customer Relations Elf
Mario Plangger
O2k-Publications Rockstar

Oroboros Sales Athletes

Verena Erhart, Mag.
Sales Manager
Feiyuan Zhang
Distributor Relations Dragon
Sabine Kranewitter, MSc
Sales Ambassador
Maximilian Reinelt, Mag.
Sales Musketeer

Oroboros Bioenergetics Adventurers
The Oroboros O2k-Laboratory

Carolina Doerrier, PhD
CSO, Scientific Motive Force
Javier Iglesias-Gonzalez, PhD
PI, Mitochondrial Physiology Argonaut
Maria Huete-Ortega, PhD
PI, Algae Biotech Pioneer
Zulfiya Orynbayeva, PhD
Senior Scientist
Tímea Komlódi, PhD
PostDoc, Mitochondrial Explorer
Luiza Cardoso, PhD
PostDoc, Mitochondrial Wizard
Cristiane Cecatto, PhD
PostDoc, Mitochondrial Phoenix
Sabine Schmitt, PhD
Marco Di Marcello, BSc
Research Magician
Gudrun Spitzer, Dr.rer.nat.
Lab Assistant
Luiz Felipe Garcia-Souza
PhD Student, Mitochondrial Adventurer


Information on MitoEAGLE
Melanie Schartner
Student, MitoEAGLE Grant Holder science representative

DSL-Oroboros Research Laboratory
Medical University of Innsbruck

Departement of Visceral-Transplant and Thoracic Surgery
András Mészáros, MD, PhD
Mitochondrial Medicine Visionary
David Harrison, Doz, PhD
Independent scientific consultant

Visiting Scientists

List of visiting scientists


Oroboros Instrumetns hands on lab experience and training
Current collaborators

Partners in the Oroboros Ecosystem

We collaborate with other local Austrian companies in the development and production of O2k hardware and software.

O2k Hardware Development

Software Development

Other partners