ISS-Integrated Suction System

Suction pump with stainless steel housing for siphoning off excess medium from the O2k-Stopper and for emptying the O2k-Chambers.


Product ID: 20810-02

Using the ISS-Integrated Suction System, media containing living cells or microorganisms, various poisons (inhibitors, uncouplers) and mixtures of proteins and substrates are safely disposed of in the 2-liter waste bottle.

The ISS Series E comes with a USB-C cable to connect to the O2k-Main Unit (Series I) for power supply. To use with O2k-Series A-H or independently of an O2k, please request an ISS Independent Power Supply (Product ID: 28210-01).


The ISS-Integrated Suction System comprises of:

1 Suction pump with stainless steel housing
1 ISS-Waste Bottle, 2 liter
1 ISS-Lid: for ISS-Waste Bottle, 3 tubing connections
1 Filter and tubing
1 USB-C cable 1m 3A, Type-C / Type-C

The stainless steel housing enclosing the suction pump holds an accessible mains switch, two removable receptacles for the tips of the tubing, an easily removable connection to the gas filter that further connects to the fully stabilized waste bottle. The waste bottle with filter can be simply removed for emptying, cleaning and drying.

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ISS-Integrated Suction System

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