Product ID: 22300-02

The POS-Holder, made from blue POM, is screwed into the copper block of the O2k-Main Unit, guiding the guiding the SmartPOS (or OroboPOS-Connector with the OroboPOS sensor head) to the O2k-Chamber, and keeping the SmartPOS/OroboPOS-Connector in a fixed position for sealing the O2k-Chamber with the POS-Seal Tip. In addition, the POS-Holder fixes the O2k-Chamber in an accurate rotational position by pressing against the angular cut of the glass chamber. The POS-Holder is interchangeable with the POS-Holder sV (Product ID: 32300-01). Please note that earlier versions of the OroboPOS-Holders (Product ID: 22300-01, discontinued) are not interchangeable with the POS-Holder sV.

Two units of this item are standard components mounted on the O2k-Main Unit.

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