Syringe Racks

Product ID: 51610-01

Syringe Racks: stainless steel; for proper placement of eight Hamilton microsyringes in HRR experiments; package of two (holds a total of 16 microsyringes). One package of syringe collars (package of 20) is included.

One package of two Syringe Racks and two Tube Racks is a standard component of the O2k-Titration Set.

Advantages of the Syringe Racks:

  • Compact and safe placement of microsyringes in a sequence matching the selected substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration (SUIT) protocol.
  • Ergonomic design: microsyringes with Syringe Collars are automatically grabbed with two fingers on the top of the glass cylinder, maintaining the main body of the glass cylinder untouched.
  • Prevention of carry-over of inhibitors or uncouplers: the top of the glass cylinder and stainless steel needles do not touch the rack.
  • The lab bench is maintained clean when microsyringes are placed on the rack.

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