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OROBOROS O2k-Workshops have become world-famous. They are offered on a regular basis in Austria and in other countries in cooperation with OROBOROS MiPNet Reference Laboratories. O2k-Workshops are held in different formats: 

In order to introduce the participants to the technical and operational details, specific emphasis is placed on hands-on practical sessions with the instrument and also with the DatLab software.


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General contents of O2k-Workshops: Overview on High-Resolution Respirometry


Introduction: Mitochondrial and cellular respiratory physiology; new challenges for high instrumental performance.

High-resolution respirometry; what makes the difference? Presentation of the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k

  • Optimum system design - the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k.
  • DatLab: on-line recording of oxygen concentration and flux; linear slope versus oxygen flux as a function of time.
  • DatLab: the specialized software for high-resolution respirometry; high resolution calibrations.
  • Low oxygen and measurement of cellular oxygen consumption – pushing the limits of detection.

O2k and TIP2k: On-line instrumental performance

Polarographic oxygen sensor (POS) and O2k service

  • Cleaning of anode and cathode.
  • Electrolyte and membrane application.
  • O2k and TIP2k: instrumental maintenance.



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