O2k-Fluorescence LED2-Module


The O2k-Fluorescence Module is a modular extension of the Oxygraph-2k (O2k-MultiSensor System), adding a new dimension to HRR.  Optical sensors are inserted through the front window of the O2k-glass chamber, for measurement of hydrogen peroxide production (Amplex red), ATP production (Mg green), mt-membrane potential (Safranin), Ca2+ (Ca green), and numerous other applications open for O2k-user innovation.  The O2k-Fluorescence Module consists of optical sensors for both O2k-chambers (green or blue excitation), optical filters, front fixation of the optical sensors to the glass windows of the O2k-chambers, two black PEEK stoppers (with single central titration port), electronic control of light intensity, data input into the O2k-MultiSensor system, and the new DatLab software.

    The O2k-Fluorescence LED2-Module is fully supported by the O2k-Core. O2k-Series D requires the MultiSensor electronic upgrade of the O2k-Basic.


O2k-DemoExperiment:  O2k-Fluorometry: H2O2 and mouse brain mitochondria.

O2k-Fluorometry Workshop: Obergurgl, Austria



  • Hickey AJ, Renshaw GM, Speers-Roesch B, Richards JG, Wang Y, Farrell AP, Brauner CJ (2012) A radical approach to beating hypoxia: depressed free radical release from heart fibres of the hypoxia-tolerant epaulette shark (Hemiscyllum ocellatum). J Comp Physiol B 182: 91-100. >>abstract
  • Fasching M, Harrison DK, Tretter L, Gnaiger E (2011) Combination of high-resolution respirometry and fluorometry for continuous monitoring of hydrogen peroxide production by mitochondria with resolution in the nanomolar range. Abstract Berlin >>abstract
  • Sumbalova Z, Harrison DK, Gradl P, Fasching M, Gnaiger E (2011) Mitochondrial membrane potential, coupling control, H2O2 production, and the upper limit of mitochondrial performance. Abstract Kagoshima. >>abstract


Excel Templates (including instructions for use):

  • H2O2 production measured with Amplex® (Ultra)Red: calibration template: Fluorescence_H2O2_calibration.xlsx  [download 40 kb] 

         -> not required for DatLab 5.2 and above


DLTemplates can be imported for O2k-Setups, layouts etc.

  • DLTemplates_Fluorescence.dlt [download 3 kb]

         For downloadingclick on the file name and save to C:\DatLab\DLTemplates. 


        For importing DatLab Templates, open DatLab, choose "File" in the   

        DatLab Menu, choose "Import" and "DatLab Templates", go to

        C:\DatLab\DLTemplates and select "DLTemplates_Fluorescence.dlt".


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