O2k-Manual: O2 Flux Analysis


Oxygen Flux Analysis: DatLab On-Line. MiPNet19.18E


DatLab sets a novel standard in high-resolution respirometry, for on-line analysis of oxygen flux measured in the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k, and of other signals obtained in the multi-channel O2k-MultiSensor System. Oxygen flux can be plotted with or without instrumental background correction, is instantaneously expressed per mass of sample or per number of cells. Various sections on the plot of oxygen flux are marked, and corresponding average values are viewed in a table which can be simply exported into Excel or SigmaPlot. Instrumental and experimental parameters are summarized in a protocol, which can be printed or saved as a pdf file. These new features provide the basis for combining high-resolution with instant and user-friendly analysis.


A demonstration experiment performed during a workshop and training course on high-resolution respirometry is used as an example for application of DatLab. In the new DatLab version, all analyses can be performed on-line or off-line. The experimental protocol and results of demonstration experiments are discussed in MiPNet08.09.

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OROBOROS High-Resolution Respirometry