NO and Oxygen


A combined approach has been successfully completed by Dr. Susana Cadenas (Madrid, ES) using an NO-Sensor in the O2k-Chamber for the simultaneous measurement of NO and O2, evaluating oxygen kinetics in intact calle particularely at very low pO2.

  • Aguirre E, Rodríguez-Juárez F, Bellelli A, Gnaiger E, Cadenas S (2010) Kinetic model of the inhibition of respiration by endogenous nitric oxide in intact cells. Biochim Biophys Acta 1797: 557-565. »  abstract
  • EBEC Colloquium in Moscow, July 2006. » abstract


It is possible to simultaneous measure NO and respiration with all O2ks. The necessary acessories and upgrades differ between series. O2k-Manual: Amperometric Electrodes. For more and the most up to date information please see also ´Measurement of NO´ on and the corresponding discussion page.

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Protocols: NO effect on mitochondrial oxygen kinetics at low oxygen. MiPNet08.12

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