Mitochondrial Membrane Potential and O2k

The Ion Selective Electrode system (OROBOROS ISE), including two ISE, PVDF stoppers, reference electrodes and accessories.


O2k-TPP+ ISE-Module: O2k-Catalogue 

In April 2010, we presented the newest developments of the O2k-MultiSensor System with the OROBOROS Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) for simultaneous monitoring of respiration and TPP+

The O2k-MultiSensor extension of the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k yields a record of a potentiometric (voltage) signal simultaneously to the oxygen signal in both chambers of the O2k. The new ion selective electrode (ISE) system consists of separate reference and measuring electrodes. Typical examples are electrodes selective for hydrophobic cations (TPP+, TPMP+), Ca2+, Mg2+.

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Figure 1: Simultaneous determination of respiratory activity (top graph) and changes in the mitochondrial membrane potential (bottom graph) in the acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line C7H2. Cell density: 5.7∙106∙ml-1 in MiR06.

Protocols: TPP+ and Membrane Potential


For the most up to date information relevant to the measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential see Mitochondrial membrane potential.


Excel Templates help to calculate mitochondrial membrane potential for permeabilized cells. For isolated mitochondria and permeabilized fibers modifications are necessary:



  • Imt_demo_2011-03-02 IJ-02_left.xls download
  • Membrane_potential_drift_demo_1405.xls download
  • Membrane_potential_template_empty_1405.xls download
  • Membrane_potential_template_filled_1405.xls download


  • Membrane_potential_template_left_empty_1405.xls download
  • Membrane_potential_template_right_empty_1405.xls download
  • Membrane_potential_template_right_filled_1405.xls download
  • Membrane_potential_drift_demo_1405.xls download

DLTemplates can be imported for O2k Setups, Graph Layouts, Mark Names and TIP2k Setups.

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DatLab-Demo Files for off-line DatLab Analysis of O2k-experiments:

  • 2009-12-04 CD-01_membrane_pot_demo_1405.DLD download
  • 2009-12-04 CD-01_membrane_pot_demo_TPPcalibrated_1405.DLD download
  • 2009-12-04 CD-02_membrane_pot_demo_background_1405.DLD download
  • 2009-12-04 CD-02_membrane_pot_demo_background_TPPcalibrated_1405.DLD download

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