43rd Course on High-Resolution Respirometry - Montevideo, Uruguay

Center for Free Radical and Biomedical Research - Uruguay


1 and 6 Sep 2007, 43rd O2k-Course: High-Resolution Respirometry of Mitochondrial and Cellular Respiration. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Universidad de La Republica, Center for Free Radical and Biomedical Research,  Facultad de Medicina.

Local organizer: Prof. Dr. Rafael Radi, MiPNet-Uruguay

  • In conjunction with "Free Radicals in Montevideo 2007" V. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PEROXYNITRITE AND REACTIVE NITROGEN SPECIES. Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel Montevideo -  Uruguay http://www.cfrbr.fmed.edu.uy/



43rd O2k-Course in Montevideo, UY. From left to right: Rafael Radi, Adriana Maria Cassina, Erich Gnaiger, Valeria Valez, Marianela Rodriguez and Celia Quijano.

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OROBOROS High-Resolution Respirometry