The company provides the worldwide leading concept and technology for high-resolution respirometry applied to the functional diagnosis of mitochondrial defects. MultiSensor systems allow a simultaneous monitoring of metabolic parameters in small samples of biopsies, cultured cells and isolated mitochondria. The company has an emphasis on continuous innovation, improvement, scientific support and validation.


OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS has established itself in setting the gold standard in high-resolution respirometry. The close link to Innsbruck Medical University generates a direct relationship between research and instrumental development. International links are emphasized by the WorldWide MiPNet on high-resolution respirometry - the Mitochondrial Physiology Network.


OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS  follows the strategy of direct support and distribution with best prices offered worldwide and remarkably low running costs.  


OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS’ international company language is English. As a special service, the OROBOROS-Team can provide you with help in the following languages in addition to English: German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Czech. Of course, the national languages are spoken by our distributors in ChinaTaiwan, the Republic of Korea and Japan.





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OROBOROS High-Resolution Respirometry