Enjoy the cold - 2014


Adaption and risk assessment of human activities in cold environments, Ny-Alesund, NO

This course in the very unique and remote town of Ny-Alesund was organized by the Cardiovascular Exercise and Research Group (CERG, head Ulrik Wisloff) - mainly by Svein Erik Gaustad and Andreas Møllerløkken  from the NTNU University in Trondheim. An O2k-Workshop on HRR and Fluorometry (IOC87) was integrated into the course and held by Erich Gnaiger and Verena Laner.


Waiting for departure at the Lufthavn in Longyearbyen. Due to bad weather, the original flight was cancelled.

First glimpse of the mountains of Svalbard. Very impressive: the untouched snow cover.

Outdoortraining part I with our instructor Johan Skullman (JOS eXperience AB): Learning how to make fire in stormy weather conditions.

Testing the immersion suits: Erich is ready for the arctic water.

Outdoor training part II: floating in an immersion suit for about 30 mins. For safety reasons, every person was secured by a rope, in this case Erich was held by Verena.

Ulrik Wisloff (CERG, NTNU University, Trondheim) and Erich after his swim in the arctic sea.

Monitoring of the body function after Thor Øyvind Hagen's (Aclima AS, NO) stay in the water for 60 mins by Ulrik Wisloff and Trine Karlsen (CERG, NTNU University, Trondheim). Everything was documented by photographer Roger Tangvik.

O2k-Workshop given by Erich with a real-time experiment on freeze-dried baker's yeast.

Assistance by Verena Laner.

Svein Erik Gaustad (main organizer, CERG, NTNU Trondheim, NO) and Atefe Tari (CERG) looking at the latest data from the tests.

The 'Enjoy the Cold' group during a break.

Outdoor-training part III: Testing windsacks - Verena is recovering from the cold before and enjoying her time in the windsack.

Outdoor-training part IV: Building up your tent in stormy conditions. Andreas Møllerløkken (main organizer, CERG, NTNU, Trondheim, NO) and Verena after the successful installation by the group.

Instructor Johan talking about sleeping in a snow cave and preparing the participants for the field trip.

Anne-Sofie Burgaard Breistein and Bjørnar Heide (Petroleum Authority Safety, NO) in the field kitchen, boiling water for the group.

Chris Roos (Ministery of Defense, NL) and Martin Linnell after the night in their snow cave - happy and relaxed.

Group picture before the return to Ny-Alesund (left to right, back row first): Ulrik, Trine, Atefe, Johan, Erich and Verena.

Henrik Andersson (R&D Fjällräven, SE) and Johan Skullman (instructor) before the departure from Ny-Alesund.

Saying goodbye to Svalbard: Verena and Svein Erik Gaustad (CERG, NTNU University, Trondheim, NO).

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