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           DatLab 6 (2014-10-01) is now available for download.


DatLab is the program for Data Acquisition & Analysis, specifically developed for high-resolution respirometry: On-line display of oxygen concentration and oxygen flux and many other special features. Most of the performance of DatLab runs in the background, not troubling the experimenter. This provides speed and reliability, including automatic instrumental or chemical background correction, expression of respiration in selected units (oxygen flux per volume, per mg protein or mg biopsy, per million cells; flux control ratios), and immediate numerical output of average flux for specifically marked sections of the experiment.



 DatLab- Templates for DatLab Analysis:

The figure shows the on-line display with DatLab of an experiment with intact cells. The blue line is oxygen concentration, the red line is respiration (per million cells).  Respiration was measured initially in the ROUTINE state, then inhibited by a manual titration of oligomycin, followed by an automatic step-titration of the uncoupler FCCP with the Titration-Injection microPump, TIP2k, to obtain the non-coupled state (ETS capacity).  See MiPNet 10.04 for further experimental information.


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