Stopper\black PEEK\conical Shaft\central Port\peripheral 2.3 mm Port

Product ID: 46100-01

Stopper\black PEEK\conical Shaft\central+peripheral 2.3 mm Port: for potentiometric O2k-MultiSensor applications (NO, H2S, H2O2); 1 additional port (2.3 mm); central titration port; conical bottom; including Volume-Calibration Ring (A or B); 2 mounted O-rings, with 8 spare O-rings (O-ring\Viton®\12.5×1 mm).

Two stoppers are included in the O2k-NO Amp-Module.


1 Volume-Calibration Ring (A or B)
2 mounted O-rings, with 8 spare O-rings (O-ringViton®12.5×1 mm)

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Stopperblack PEEKconical Shaftcentral Portperipheral 2.3 mm Port

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