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Stopperblack PEEKconical Shaftcentral+peripheral 2.3 mm Port: for potentiometric O2k-MultiSensor applications (NO, H2S, H2O2); 1 additional port (2.3 mm); central titration port; conical bottom; including Volume-Calibration Ring (A or B); 2…


Stopperblack PEEKconical Shaftcentral+2.3+2.6 mm Port: for pH and reference electrode, central titration port and two additional ports (2.3 mm and 2.6 mm); conical bottom.

Two stoppers are included in the O2k-pH…


Storage box sV empty, for storage of O2k-sV-Module components. (Comes standard with O2k-sV-Module.)


Syringe Collars (package of 20) for Hamilton microsyringes: for correctly storing the microsyringes in the Syringe Racks.

One package is a standard component of the Syringe Racks.


Syringe Labels: set of labels with standard abbreviations.

One set of labels is a standard component of the Syringe Storage Box.


Syringe Racks: stainless steel; for proper placement of eight Hamilton microsyringes in HRR experiments; package of two (for a total of 16 microsyringes).

One package of two Syringe Racks and two…


Syringe Storage Box: for storing the Hamilton microsyringes; includes Syringe Labels.

One item is a standard component of the O2k-Titration Set.


Hamilton Syringe500 mm3 51/0.41 mm for manual titrations, 500 mm3 volume; fixed needle with rounded tip: 51 mm length, 0.41 mm inner diameter; for injections of suspensions of isolated mitochondria and filling of the…


Syringe60 mLGas-Injection, 60 mL, with spacer and stainless steel needle, flat tip, for gas injection into the O2k-Chamber.

This item is a standard component of the O2k-Assembly Kit.


TIP2k Filter Papers (package of 10) to be used for the stoppers during TIP2k titration (for example during Instrumental oxygen background correction) to avoid constant manual siphoning off of…

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