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TIP2k-Needle Spacers for microinjection TIP2k needle, silicone stops (200/Pkg.) with mounting tool.

This item is a standard component of the TIP2k-Module.


Titration-Injection microPump (TIP2k) for two-channel operation with the O2k with automatic control by DatLab of programmable titration regimes and feedback control (oxystat, pH-stat).

Included in the TIP2k-Module.


Tube Racks: stainless steel, including and accommodating four 50-ml tubes, for cleaning of microsyringes, and cleaning and storage of stoppers during cleaning of the O2k-Chambers; package of two (for…


USB-Cable 2.0Type A-B for connecting the O2k-Main Unit (O2k-Series E upwards) to the USB port of a PC or laptop.

This item is a standard component of the…


V-ring30-35-4.5 mm, mounted on O2k-Chamber Holder and O2k-Chamber Holder sV.


Volume-Calibration Ring (A or B) PVDF for O2k-Stoppers designed for use with 2.0-mL O2k-Chamber, white; attached to the stoppers

2432A-01 or 2432B-01

Volume-Calibration Ring sV (A or B), white PVDF, attached to PEEK O2k-Stopper sV.

3432A-01 or 3432B-01
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