Power O2k-Respirometer

An economical option for using additional O2k-Units to increase output in high-resolution respirometry.

Product ID: 10023-03


Multiple O2k-units are offered as a Power O2k-Respirometer system for high-resolution combined with high-output. Many O2k-Network Labs have increased their high-resolution high-output by multiple O2k-units, using two to 12 O2k (4 to 24 O2k-Chambers).

This application does not require an additional ISS-Integrated Suction System, an O2k-Titration Set and the O2k-Manual. Furthermore, the OroboPOS-Mounting Tool of the OroboPOS Service Tools can be used from the available O2k and is not included.

The Power O2k-Respirometer supports all add-on O2k-Modules of the Oroboros O2k.


  • oxygen consumption

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Oroboros-O2k: Hardware and DatLab Software

Stainless steel housing
Peltier thermostat 4 to 47 °C; ±0.002 °C
Barometric pressure transducer
2 Duran® glass chambers
2 OroboPOS polarographic oxygen sensors
2 Amperometric oxygen channels
2 ISE sockets for ion sensitive electrodes
2 Sockets for optical signals or NO
2 PVDF stirrers, electromagnetic control
2 PEEK stoppers
Current DatLab version with free follow-up upgrades within the warranty period

Oroboros-O2k: Accessories and Consumables

1 MiR05-Kit: Mitochondrial Respiration Medium. For a final volume of 250 mL
1 MitoKit-CII: Cell permeable succinate (25 mg) and malonate (10 mg)

O2k-sV-Module: small chamber volume to reduce the sample amount needed for OXPHOS analysis and cellular/mitochondrial respiratory function

2 Duran® glass chambers, with smaller operation volume (V) of 0.5 mL
2 PVDF stirrers for small volume chambers, electromagnetic control
2 PEEK stoppers for small volume chambers
2 Black POM chamber holders with O-ring and V-ring
2 Black POM OroboPOS-holders

Included extras

Packing, handling, worldwide shipping
Remote support from Oroboros experts
1 O2k-Workshop registration for one lab member within the warranty period


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Power O2k-Respirometer