NextGen-O2k project

NextGen-O2k: Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

Fast facts

  • Funding: EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 — SME instrument phase 2, Grant Agreement No. 859770, Oroboros Instruments
  • Budget: € 2.35 Million
  • Duration: 24 months, extended additional 5 months
  • Key Dates:
    • Application: 2019-01-09
    • Pitch in Brussels: 2019-02-15
    • Granted: 2019-03-05
    • Start: 2019-06-01
    • End: 2021-10-31
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About the project

Oroboros – as a driving force in mitochondrial physiology – extends the analytical and diagnostic power of high-resolution respirometry by integration of NADH- and Q-redox monitoring in the NextGen-O2k. We aim at establishing the Oroboros quality control management for dissemination to our worldwide O2k-Network laboratories. This will become an effective contribution to address the acute reproducibility crisis of scientific investigation. In the spirit of Open Science and global networking, we will enable data sharing across projects and institutions in an Open Access database on mitochondrial physiology and pathology, to resolve the inflation crisis and ultimately the value-impact crisis of present academic publication. This will support key developments in mitochondrial medicine. In addition, we expand our business to algal biotechnology and ecology with the photobiology module of the NextGen-O2k, widening our focus from medicine to environment and climate.  – a partner in the Oroboros Ecosystem

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