As a worldwide platform for societies and organizations supporting mitochondrial research and medicine, MitoGlobal aims to promote mitochondrial research from both basic and applied perspectives as well as mitochondrial medicine. To achieve this, MitoGlobal provides a comprehensive list of MitoGlobal Societies and mitochondrial conferences, workshops, and educational programs. By maintaining a highly visible website, communication between societies and coordination of events and their timing can be improved. In addition, MitoGlobal supports new national mitochondrial societies in their organization.

MitoGlobal is moderated by the international MiPsociety and is supported by Oroboros Instruments.

Highlighted societies and networks

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A society that organizes conferences and workshops focusing on common and cell-specific functions of mitochondria

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A network for improving our knowledge on mitochondrial function in health and disease with regard to Evolution, Age, Gender, Lifestyle and Environment