O2k-MultiSensor System

Simultaneous monitoring of pH and oxygen in two chambers of the O2k-MultiSensor System and pH titration with the TIP2k.


The OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k is designed as a modular system based on the O2k-Core, introducing our newest instrumental developments in combination with research on mitochondrial physiology, bioenergetics and biomedicine. 

Whereas the high-resolution analysis of oxygen concentration and flux remains the fundamental basis, the O2k-MultiSensor System fulfills specific requirements in mitochondrial physiology with optical modules (O2k-Fluorescence Module), ion selective electrodes (ISE: TPP+, Ca2+, pH), and amperometric sensors (NO).

See the O2k-Catalogue for more information on the O2k-MultiSensor system

  • Modular design based on the Oxygraph-2k, accomodating multiple sensors in addition to the two oxygen channels (amperometric).
  • Two potentiometric pX channels, each with a BNC connection for ion sensitive electrodes (ISE).
  • Two additional amperometric channels (for e.g. nitric oxide, NO).
  • DatLab for multiple sensor data acquisition.
  • Insertion of different ion selective and reference electrodes through PVDF stoppers.


DatLab software is available for O2k-MultiSensor data acquisition and analysis. 

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