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    OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k

    for high-resolution respirometry (HRR)

O2k - the world's most Powerful, Popular and Prestigeous respirometer for cellular and mitochondrial research:

        • Isolated mitochondria • Intact cells • Permeabilized cells • Permeabilized tissues • Tissue homogenates  • Small tissue biopsies

O2k with simultaneous fluorometry: HRR and ROS production, mt-membrane potential, ATP-production, Ca2+

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O2k  high-output, low running costs.

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O2k-MultiSensor: Combining HRR with fluorometry (ROS production, mt-membrane potential, ATP-production, Ca2+), potentiometric measurement of pH, TPP+ and Ca2+, amperometric measurement of NO.


• O2k-Fluorescence

• O2k-TPP and TPMP

• O2k-pH

• O2k-NO

Mitochondrial Physiology, MiP

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O2k for OXPHOS analysis with substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration (SUIT) protocols to study multiple respiratory states in a single experimental incubation: no other platform is suited for application of SUIT protocols.

        'OXPHOS analysis extends simple bioenergetics to the level of mitochondrial physiology' (Gnaiger 2012).

O2k - flexibility within experiments, on-line display of concentration and flux, automatic software controlled titrations.

        Reference: Gnaiger E (2008) Polarographic oxygen sensors, the oxygraph and high-resolution respirometry to assess mitochondrial function. In: Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Drug-Induced Toxicity (Dykens JA, Will Y, eds) John Wiley: 327-352. 

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O2k - standard for diagnosis of mitochondrial function in health and disease - when there is little room for error.

        Reference: Pesta D, Gnaiger E (2012) High-resolution respirometry. OXPHOS protocols for human cells and permeabilized fibres from small biopisies of human muscle. Methods Mol Biol 810: 25-58.

        HRR since 1992: Gnaiger E, Steinlechner-Maran R, Mιndez G, Eberl T, Margreiter R (1995) Control of mitochondrial and cellular respiration by oxygen. J Bioenerg Biomembr 27: 583-596.

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