'OXPHOS analysis extends simple bioenergeticc to the level of mitochondrial physiology for functional diagnosis in health and disease' (Gnaiger 2012). Substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor-titration (SUIT) protocols applied in a single incubation of isolated mitochondria, permeabilized cells or tissue preparations extend the information gained on the integrated function of mitochondrial pathways, including various OXPHOS complexes.

  • MitoPathways - new edition of the Blue Book: Gnaiger E (2012) Mitochondrial Pathways and Respiratory Control. An Introduction to OXPHOS Analysis. 3rd ed. Mitochondr Physiol Network 17.18. OROBOROS MiPNet Publications, Innsbruck: 64 pp.

Open-air lecture on respiratory control, with the 'Blue Mito Book' (2007, 1st ed) at the 1st MiPsummer School on Mitochondrial Respiratory Physiology, Schroecken, Austria -

MitoPathways to Complex I

Chapter 2. Respiratory substrate control with pyruvate, malate, and glutamate.

MitoPathways to Complex II

Chapter 3: MitoPathways to Complex II, glycerphosphate dehydrogeanse and electron transferring flavoprotein.

MitoPathways to Complex I+II

Chapter 4: Convergent electron transfer at the Q-junction.

MitoPathways: Respiratory Coupling States

Chapter 5: Respiratory coupling states and coupling control ratios.

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