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We summarize 10 compelling reasons for the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k, for collaborating with OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS, and for spreading the good news on our OROBOROS MiPNet.  The top 10 reasons reflect our corporate goals as a network rather than a linear sequence.  The numbering, therefore, is largely arbitrary and does not express priorities.

1. High-Resolution

     O2k - only the best is OK for science - HRR

2. Long-Term Experience

     The OROBOROS Oxygraph is the first commercial mitochondrial respirometer using a computer for data acquisition.  We have, therefore, the longest experience with application-specific software, as reflected by the unique standard of DatLab.  We are the first to replace the circulating water thermostat by electronic Peltier temperature control, and maintain the label of ‘sole source’ in our technical specifications.  Together with many more ‘firsts’, our Oxygraph-2k is unique for high-resolution respirometry (HRR) and is the world-leading instrument as a result of our long-term experience. 

3. Introductory and Advanced O2k-Workshops in HRR

     The 80th International Oxygraph Workshop in HRR (O2k-Fluorescence) was celebrated in October 2013.  These IOC-Courses reflect a long tradition in teaching and practicing instrumental and technical performance.  In addition, these O2k-Workshops are considered as very special scientific meetings, with open exchange of practical and theoretical information, networking, and providing an introduction into the international field of mitochondrial physiology.

4. O2k-Protocols

     The O2k does not only come with a user-friendly manual.  Importantly, scientifically based research protocols and theoretical perspectives provide information with quality and detail that is frequently lacking in the general literature.  Our open information strategy is appreciated equally by beginners and experienced users, as a service for the advancement of high standards in science.

5. O2k-WorldWide

     Based on its outstanding quality, the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k has spread world-wide, is represented in 42 countries, and is applied in internationally leading laboratories.  Experienced users have formed a special WorldWide network, the MiPNet.  The MiPNet is open for direct contacts between scientists in this field, for immediate exchange of experience, transfer of user-innovations, and continuous optimization of Quality Assurance. 

The expanding literature list contains more than 1300 publications and is a valuable source of references in mitochondrial respiratory physiology.

6. Service in the Service of Science

    Our world-wide service is not limited to technical details, but includes scientific advice directly by the O2k-Team of scientists in research and development.  By design, the O2k is most economical, with minimum running costs.

7. Innovation, Continuous Development and Optimization

    Instrumental development is a continuous process advanced by OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS.  Cooperation between industry and academic institutions, involving technical specialists, experienced companies, and scientists with an expertise in bioenergetics, makes us a driving force in the field of mitochondrial physiology.  The prestigiuous OROBOROS Research Award supports scientific projects in high-resolution respirometry and mitochondrial physiology.

8. No Investors Involved

     OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS Corp. is entirely independent of any investors.  From the start, therefore, our price policy has not been dictated by profit orientation, but aims at a best value/cost ratioOur investment into HRR is expertise and the dedicated high-quality work of the OROBOROS O2k-Team and of our partners.  The positive feedback from our customers makes possible a sustained development and steady innovation: cooperation and feedback in science - as symbolized by the Oroboros.

9. No Expensive Advertisement

     OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS provides and spreads high-quality information.  But we deliberately refrain from expensive advertising campaigns, which provide no added value to a product yet have to be paid by the end user.  Our enthusiastic customers provide the most valuable, economic and informative advertisement for our products. 

10. Corporate Social Responsibility

     CSR is integral to our corporate aims, reflected in the quality, reliability and sustainability of our products and our office.  Our dedication to CSR is directly related to HRR, and is expressed by several specific projects and most generally by the concept of Gentle Science. 

  OROBOROS Research Award, supporting basic and clinical science in mitochondrial respiratory physiology.  

  FEMtech project (FFG Austria) for improving the standing of female collaborators in our company, in science and technology.

  MiPArt Gallery for supporting artists and jointly translating mitochondrial research into messages for the general community: Mitochondria or bioblasts – the organisms in our cells Science and Tempo giusto

  The MiP-Collection – an exciting innovative project.

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