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We do not develop instruments to be in business with science, but we are in business to develop instruments and also to promote gentle science.


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Founder and CEO

Dr. Erich Gnaiger


Research and Development

Dr. Mario Fasching




The company provides the worldwide leading concept and technology for high-resolution respirometry applied to the functional diagnosis of mitochondrial defects. New developments are targeted at MultiSensor systems for simultaneous monitoring of metabolic parameters in small samples of biopsies, cultured cells and isolated mitochondria. The company is fully scientifically oriented, with an emphasis on continuous innovation, improvement, scientific support and validation.


OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS has established iself in setting the gold standard in high-resolution respirometry. The close link to Innsbruck Medical University generates a direct relationship between research and instrumental development. International links are emphasized by the WorldWide MiPNet on high-resolution respirometry - the Mitochondrial Physiology Network.


OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS evolved from an integrated approach: From prototype development, production and documentation to world-wide distribution, including custom-made upgrading of the Oxygraph-2k. Continuous innovation ensures the position of our instruments at the leading edge of high-technology. 

For many groups, the OROBOROS Oxygraph-2k will become too expensive if local distributors are involved. 40% profit margins for the distributor (from the customer price) are usual in this business. Direct world-wide distribution of your application - provides an alternative, returning distributor costs through direct feedback back into science.



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