Protocols: Flux Control Ratios in Isolated Mitochondria

Excel Templates contain instructions for analysis:

  • For DatLab5: O2k-Analysis_Mito_1211.xls download
  • For DatLab6: MiPNet12.11_mt_O2k-Analysis.xls download
  • For DatLab5: O2k-Background_IOC36-CD_1211.xls download
  • For DatLab6: MiPNet12.11_O2k-Background_P2.xls download
  • Events: 2006-12-14 CD-03_Mito_1211.xls download  

DLTemplates can be imported for O2k Setups, Graph Layouts, Mark Names and TIP2k Setups.

        For downloadingclick on the file name and save to C:\DatLab\DLTemplates. 


        For importing DatLabTemplates, open DatLab, choose "File" in the   

        DatLabMenu, choose "Import" and "DatLabTemplates", go to

        C:\DatLab\DLTemplates and select "DLTemplates_demo.dlt".


DatLab-Demo Files for off-line DatLab Analysis of O2k-experiments:

  • MIPNET12.11_CALIB_2006-12-14 P2-01.DLD download
  • MIPNET12.11_CALIB_2006-12-15 P2-01.DLD download   
  • MIPNET12.11_MT_2006-12-14 P2-03.DLD download    


       For downloading, click on the file name and save to C:\DatLab\DLDemo. 


Download all Demo and Templates files for DatLab5 from a ZiP-Folder download

Download all Demo and Templates files for DatLab6 from a ZiP-Folder download

Gnaiger E, ed (2007) Mitochondrial Pathways and Respiratory Control. OROBOROS MiPNet Publications, Innsbruck: 96 pp.

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